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White phenyl is a widely used disinfectant and cleaning agent known for its effectiveness in killing germs, bacteria, and viruses on various surfaces. It is a milky white emulsion made from light creosote oil and soap. White phenyl is favored for its germicidal properties and refreshing fragrance, making it suitable for cleaning floors, walls, and bathrooms in homes, hospitals, and other institutions. Available in concentrated forms, it should be diluted with water before use. While highly effective in maintaining hygiene and sanitation, it is important to handle white phenyl carefully to avoid irritation to skin and eyes, and to always ensure proper ventilation during its use.

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White phenyl is a household disinfectant and cleaning solution characterized by its milky white appearance. It is formulated as an emulsion containing light creosote oil and soap. This combination gives white phenyl its distinctive odor and cleaning properties. It is primarily used for its disinfectant qualities, capable of killing germs, bacteria, and viruses on various surfaces.
White phenyl is commonly used in households, hospitals, and other institutions to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. It is effective for cleaning floors, walls, and other hard surfaces, as well as for disinfecting bathrooms and toilets. The solution is typically diluted with water before use, with the concentration varying depending on the intended application and brand.
One of the notable features of white phenyl is its strong odor, which some people find refreshing. However, this odor can be overpowering for others, so proper ventilation is recommended when using the product indoors.
Although white phenyl is highly effective in disinfecting surfaces, it is essential to handle it with care. Direct contact with skin or eyes can cause irritation, so wearing gloves and protective eyewear is advisable when using the solution.
Overall, white phenyl is a popular choice for households and institutions seeking an effective disinfectant and cleaning agent for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

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White phenyl

White phenyl


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